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제조사 S.E. Shires
원산지 Made in U.S.A
브랜드 S.E. Shires
시중가격 8,500,000원
판매가격 8,000,000원
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S.E. Shires and Daniele Morandini

Presenting the Morandini Model Large Bore Tenor Trombone

“This horn is just fantastic: the tone is so colourful and rich with a lot of consistency and evenness through the ranges! Amazing craftsmanship and great attention to details. I just love it! “

Daniele Morandini
Principal Trombone, Israel Philharmonic

The Morandini Model Trombone was developed though a close collaboration between Daniele Morandini and the craftsmen of
S. E. Shires. The resulting instrument is genuinely unique and including several specific design elements not found on any other S.E. Shires trombone.

• A two-piece, light-weight yellow brass bell

• .547 bore slide with yellow outer tubes

• Custom wrapped axial flow valve section

• Seamed yellow brass tuning slide


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